Student restaurant discount

Cuisine with the best flavor and discounts that will make your mouth water

Are you hungry? Enjoy all the possibilities near the residence. Check in reception which are the nearest restaurants in Chueca area and what type of food they offer. Tell us what you like to eat, and we will advise you on the best restaurants in Madrid, with exclusive discounts for you, just to be part of the Wunderhouse family. The restaurants near our student residence have the most varied gastronomic offer, suitable for all types of palates. Try one of the best restaurants in Madrid and enjoy the best breakfasts, meals, snacks and dinners.


for meals or dinner if you order something of the menu. In addition to every 5 today’s menu you have one for free.

Taste, smell and color. These are the words that define Saporem’s proposal, in the Barrio de las Letras. This website presents a cosmopolitan and creative offer, a variety of dishes that combine quality products and reasonable prices. FOR ALL.

Hortaleza Street, 74 – 28004 Madrid

913 68 81 37


for meals or dinner if you order something of the menu. In the today’s menu for groups (price €10.50): order 10 hamburgers and pay 9.

One of those spaces with tradition and good atmosphere. A family hamburger where the preparation of each of the dishes is done in an artisan way, to get an unrivaled menu of appetizers, hamburgers and desserts.

Reina Street, 25 – 28004 Madrid

91 026 37 94


1 free breakfast for every 9. €5 discount for €25 purchase in ecological market.

In addition to having the healthiest breakfasts, in this 100% organic food market, you can walk and buy the highest quality food. You will have more than 450 square meters of space devoted to health care and the environment.

San Juan Street, 13 – 28004 Madrid

91 513 54 66


10% discount on products. Breakfast not included.

This healthy food alternative is ideal for any time of the day. They offer perfect facilities to relax, but they also serve food to take away, or even deliver it to your home thanks to its online ordering service and by telephone. It is specialized in breakfasts with organic products, variety of breads, yogurt with fruit, fruit salad, natural coffees and teas.

Hortaleza Street, 75 – 28004 Madrid

91 434 70 79


With the purchase of a large ration of nachos they give you two tintos de verano.

To enjoy international food, there is nothing better than to go to this place, where you can taste the traditional Venezuelan dishes. Try its delicious food and indulge its natural juices and cocktails made with local and imported fruits.

Preciados Street, 40 – 28013 Madrid

91 521 49 04


Up to €3 of discount in the today’s menu.

This place is specialized in homemade pastries and healthy food. It has a decoration dedicated to bicycles, which combines the passion for pedaling, the love of art, and the taste for coffee.

San Ildefonso Square, 9 – 28004 Madrid

91 532 97 42


40% discount on food

Meat lovers will find here the restaurant of their dreams. It is specialized in high quality hamburgers, with 100% Wagyu meat. They also have international dishes on the menu, designed to satisfy the most exquisite palates.

Hernán Cortés Street, 7 – 28004 Madrid

91 024 91 37


10% discount on the whole card

A space with good atmosphere. It is a very cozy place, ideal for breakfast and lunch.

Hortaleza Street, 67 – 28004 Madrid

91 082 19 99


10% on the menu, from Monday to Thursday all day. Minimum order: 1 drink + 1 main course (no half rations)


Daily menu at €10 for the Wunderhousers (1 euro discount)


Special price in drinks €5 and €6 (€2 discount), Friday and Saturdays from 12pm to 2 am

San Juan Street, 13 – 28004 Madrid

91 513 54 66


Malasaña y Refresco. : Bread with serrano ham, mozzarella cheese, tomato, garlic, extra olive oil and basil, grilled + Soda (coke normal, light or zero, mahou 5 stars)


Wrap + Natural juices: Wrap (there are 2 types with chicken and one for vegans) + Natural juices (small)


choose two references + drink: You can choose between 2 to 3 types of salad, 2 types of frittata and 1 to 2 types of cream + drink

Augusto Figueroa Street, 13 – 28004 Madrid

91 521 22 70