Student Residence nearby San Pablo CEU University

Julián Romea Street, 18, 28003 Madrid

The San Pablo CEU University is a private catholic university that has its headquarters in Madrid. It currently has two campuses, one in Madrid capital and another in Alcorcón. The San Pablo CEU University is very well considered at international level, proof of this are the multiple collaboration agreements signed with foreign universities such as Columbia University or Boston University. If you are looking for a university residence near San Pablo CEU, staying in Wunderhouse will only take you 15 to 45 minutes to get the Madrid campus, depending on how you go.

How to get?

  • Metro

    Line 10: Gregorio Marañón +
    Line 7: Islas Filipinas
    31 min

  • Bus

    Line 2:
    General Ampudia
    43 min

  • Car

    16 min

  • Walking

    41 min