Yoga classes at Wunderhouse

Personal yoga classes at Wunderhouse

Sports and leisure activities are essential throughout the year. At Wunderhouse we have a fully equipped gym for daily sports practice, but we also offer other scheduled activities such as yoga classes. You can practice yoga in the residence, Elizaa Coolsma visits us weekly, if you want to know her you can consult her website

Eliza’s classes are based on the Ayurvedic teachings applied to yoga, allowing our body to acquire natural postures. Your mind can be freed from worries that simply should not exist. Study and active leisure have their counterpoint in relaxation and activities in which we take care of our health, thanks to yoga we can achieve an incomparable well-being status, and all that without leaving Wunderhouse. Yoga has its origin in India and is based on a discipline that directly affects the mind, body and spirit. Through meditation and different body postures we can stretch muscles and tendons, while clearing the mind of negative thoughts. In times of stress due to exams or any other reason, a yoga class may be the perfect solution to eliminate tensions and recover energies, many of our students have discovered the benefits of yoga with Eliza at Wunderhouse. At Wunderhouse we are concerned about offering all kinds of services that are not only useful for study hours, but also serve the Wunderhousers to relax and distract from their obligations, yoga is perfect to achieve this goal, because it allows a physical and mental profit. Yoga classes are not included in the price per room, however they are taught in the residence and residents at Wunderhouse have discounts, students have test classes for just 5 €. If you want to know everything that we offer in our student residence in Madrid, visit our services.