Terrace, garden and outdoor areas in tje Student Residence

Terrace and garden in the outer areas of Wunderhouse

Madrid offers very pleasant temperatures the most of the year. The building in which Wunderhouse is located has several outdoor areas, where you can enjoy outdoor activities without needing to leave the residence. Enjoy two terraces located in the upper part of the building whith panoramic views of the center of Madrid, with an indoor garden always available for students.

At Wunderhouse we especially care for our common areas, because they serve the students as places to meet and live together. Both the terraces and the garden have outdoor furniture, with chairs and sun loungers to enjoy incomparable views of Madrid. Listening to music, reading or just having a conversation is much more enjoyable outdoors, enjoy the climate of Madrid in our student residence. In addition to the common outdoor areas, Wunderhouse also offers rooms for students with terrace. Many of our rooms have balconies, which not only allow the rooms to have natural light, but also these areas can be enjoyed during the hot months. If you want to know our rooms and check the rooms that have external balconies, visit our section of available rooms and prices. Many of the activities that we organize throughout the year are done in the garden area. Due to its size, this space allows to host dinners, events and different encounters, in which we meet our colleagues and enjoy funny moments, which will be what we remember forever. Course after course many students have thanked us for the preparation of these types of areas, useful both for personal use and for group events. Regarding the two terraces, undoubtedly their greatest feature is the privileged views in the high areas of the building, obtaining a panoramic view of the city of Madrid that very few buildings in the area can offer. But the outer areas are not the only common areas we have at Wunderhouse, continue to review our services and discover everything we can offer you.