24-Hour Security Cameras in Student Residence

24-hour security camera service that controls the entrance

Wellness at Wunderhouse begins with a complete permanent security service. In our student residence we have a 24-hour concierge, who is continuously watching over a circuit of 24-hour security cameras, so we can ensure the peace of students at all times. It is a closed TV circuit which captures all the locations of common areas, while respecting the privacy of those areas that, due to their use, must remain private and therefore are not monitored, such as rooms.

The cameras are useful as a deterrent, however, if they are not continuously monitored, people cannot be solvent in situations of danger. One of the functions of our 24-hour concierge is to ensure the safety of our residents, working with a closed circuit of cameras. In addition to the private circuit of cameras, the security of our residence is completed with other devices. Access to the building is done by means of a digital fingerprint reader or by a password or PIN number, so access is restricted to residents and workers only. Private security is reinforced in each room, they all have a unique key to prevent access by outsiders. The common spaces should be shared by all students, however the rooms are private spaces that must be protected at all times. Having a concierge 24 h. in student residences is an exclusive service, however at Wunderhouse we think that safety is the most important to ensure the well-being and calm of the people who accompany us from course to course. We think that the installation of security cameras is essential, not only in exterior areas, but also inside the residence. In this way not only the access of people is controlled, but also any issue that may arise inside the building, being able to act immediately in the necessary cases. If you need more information or want to request other security devices in your room, you can contact us, we will study the possibilities and solutions in our residence in the center of Madrid with all the protection elements you need.