Reception 24 hours in Student Residence

24 hour reception

Our 24-hour reception service allows us to control the entrance of people from outside the residence, as well as the possibility of attending any type of issue 24 hours a day. We have a concierge at the student residence 24 hours a day. Our student residence offers a personalized and continuous service to each student.

On the one hand, with the reception and concierge service we ensure that the needs of our students are fully met; on the other hand, we guarantee their safety, in addition with the security cameras circuit. There are many services provided by our concierge, from collection of packages to recommendation of visits, prints and photocopies, restaurants, places of interest in the neighborhood and Madrid, etc. We know that a personalized treatment is important for all who visit us, either during a specific date or during several complete courses, so we think that it is essential to have a 24-hour concierge tp solve any type of situation. In addition to monitoring and cleaning, the concierge is available 24 hours a day for tasks related to the coexistence and the proper operation of the residence. At Wunderhouse we work in a climate of absolute trust, we feel close to all the people who visit us and who live with us, the concierge service is another possibility to demonstrate to our students that we are available, at all times, for anything they may need in Madrid, either in the residence or outside our residence. Another task that our private receptionists fulfill is the surveillance of the closed security cameras circuit. The residence is equipped with a complete security cameras equipment located in common areas, which are continuously checked by the concierge. In case of a risky situation, we are able to solve the situation immediately thanks to the permanent vigilance over the common areas of the residence. Starting a new life in a different city may be difficult, at Wunderhouse we help you and we guarantee that at your arrival there will always be someone waiting for you.