Resident Laundry Service

Common laundry area available 24 hours

As part of our facilities, we provide all our students with a laundry service. Our self-service laundry is made up of washing machines available 24 hours a day, so our students can use them at any time. Our laundry area goes far beyond, we also offer dryers for a quick drying. Another of the services we have at Wunderhouse is the ironing zone, on the same floor as the laundry, even a separate drying area.The washing machines work with coins and include detergent and softener.

You will have everything you need to perform the laundry 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To guarantee a complete catalog of internal services it is essential to have areas designed for cleaning clothes and other items such as towels and sheets. At Wunderhouse we have installed a self-service laundry room with washing machines and dryers. This space reserved for cleaning is on the fourth floor of our residence, a place with spectacular views of the center of Madrid. In addition to the washing and drying machines, we also have different brands of softener and detergent, so our residents have everything they need for their laundry. You also have a space for ironing your clothes. Anyway you always have a payment washing service of sheets or towels that you can request when you need it. Much of our work at Wunderhouse focuses on common areas and functional spaces, but these places also serve to make the students get to know each other, to socialize among them and to form an authentic community. The self-service laundry is part of this proposal, respecting of course the private space of each Wunderhouser, we try to encourage the use of common areas. As in other common areas, the laundry has security cameras and 24-hour surveillance, as well as Wi-Fi. At Wunderhouse we want you to have everything you need, so you only have to worry about what you really care about.