Common kitchen for Wunderhousers

Common kitchens fully equipped for daily use

One of the peculiarities of Wunderhouse is the space reserved for the common kitchen. The kitchen space has five kitchens that can be used by approximately 10 people at the same time. In addition to the cooking area, there are also kitchen utensils, refrigerator with space for each Wunderhouser, microwave, lockers and, of course, ceramic hob; a fully equipped place so you can cook daily as many times as you need. We want you to have everything you need without leaving the residence, although you can always go out to eat in the area and enjoy the exclusive discounts that we offer in restaurants near Wunderhouse, anyway, you can use the kitchen 24 hours whenever you need it, in a small fully equipped kitchen.

Each person is assigned a kitchen and a private locker. Common areas are very useful, experience has taught us that are places for our residents to meet, share experiences and form an authentic Wunderhouser community. In the case of the kitchen the experience is especially intense. At Wunderhouse we receive students from all over the world who come to Madrid to complete their studies. Food is in many cases an excuse to know the customs of other people, part of their culture and their traditions, so the kitchen becomes a place to learn and exchange knowledge based on the gastronomy. Daily life beyond academic responsibilities is part of our responsibility as a student residence. Cooking is a daily task, but at Wunderhouse we do not see it as wasted time, but we consider it an opportunity for our residents to know each other, so we have organized a common space fully equipped where you can cook during the 24 hours of the day. In addition to the cooking area, the kitchens also have places to enjoy the food quietly, alone or in company. If you want to visit the area attached to the residence and taste the typical cuisine of Madrid and the rest of Spain, at Wunderhouse we offer the exclusive Wunderhousers discounts to eat at restaurants in Madrid, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy Spanish food at a very affordable price whenever you want.