Student residence in Madrid with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi optical fiber broadband connection to ensure the quality of the connection

Nowadays it is essential to have a reliable internet connection at all times, especially in student residences. In Wunderhouse we are a residence with optical fiber, so we provide internet connection with the highest quality, offering our students the possibility of connecting to the internet whenever they need it, from any area of the residence. Both public areas and rooms have their own Wi-Fi network, thanks to the password that protects this network we guarantee that the use is absolutely private and that only Wunderhouse residents are connected to the signal.

If you are looking for residences for students with broadband in Madrid and a connection system with optical fiber, at Wunderhouse you will find one of the best connections in the capital, not only because of the type of connection, but because our location, in the heart of Madrid, it allows us access to the best Wi-Fi sources in the city, no matter the time of day or night when you are connected. Absolutely all floors and common areas have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, which is complemented by a total availability in each of the rooms. No matter where our students need to work from the computer, mobile or any other device, at Wunderhouse we are prepared to offer a fast and safe connection. We work with computer and Wi-Fi specialists that periodically check the connection, and solve any issue. A reliable and secure internet connection is essential for all our residents, at Wunderhouse we know it and we work to offer broadband and fiber, in a connection that we try to improve every year, the experience of our students is optimal and they can work in the residence without any problems, either from common areas or from their own rooms.