24-hour gym in student residence in Madrid

We have a space enabled for the practice of different sports activities

At Wunderhouse we are committed to provide you with all the services you need in one space, so we believe it is important to have a 24-hour gym in our residence. It is essential that our students feel happy with our facilities and that, above all, they are useful and practical. That is why we try to equip our residence with common areas that go beyond the typical meeting or study places, gym is a very important element among our leisure facilities, which we know they are as necessary as the study and work places.

At Wunderhouse you can get fit without leaving the residence, you do not need to look for a gym in Madrid, we provide you with a gym with machines that have everything you need to exercise, because we know that every student needs to dedicate time to health and sport. The Wunderhouse gym is a space designed to get fit and take care of health, but also it is a place to socialize, meet other colleagues and live common experiences, without leaving your own residence. In addition to the gym, Wunderhouse offers some sports classes such as yoga for all those students who need a rest time for both body and mind. The gym is for free for Wunderhousers and it is available at any time of the day. Our gym has different machines to practice aerobic sport, and also for weights and strength exercises. Bicycles, treadmill, weights, wall bars and a large space where you can make exercise without leaving the residence. Leisure time is as important as work time, and practicing sport is a benefit to our body, so we planned to reserve a space in our building for the practice of sports. This fully equipped gym is one of the most visited places by our residents, as it has a complete equipment and 24-hours Wi-Fi. You do not need to look for a gym in Madrid, if you stay in our residence you can access our 24-hours gym whenever you need it.