Expenses included in student residence in Madrid

Both the invoices and the main services of Wunderhouse are included in the price per room

There are many expenses included in our student residence in Madrid. We offer special services as well that can be requested separately and that have a surcharge, however the expenses included in our student residence make possible to enjoy everything you need to start your experience in Madrid.
Water, electricity and central heating bills are included in the price per room.

In addition to energy bills, at Wunderhouse we have all kinds of services included in the price, such as Wi-Fi connection, cleaning of common areas, maintenance, 24-hour concierge service and security and gym. We want you to enjoy every moment that you spend with us without worrying about the expenses, that is why we avoid you to pay for the use of the majority of our services. The bills are among the expenses included in our student residence. Each resident makes a different use of water or heating, there are student residences in Madrid that prefer to charge each student for their consumption, however at Wunderhouse we do not want you to worry about your monthly bills. Anyway, it should be remembered that energy consumption directly affects the environment, so we want you to remind that it is your responsibility to make a responsible use of the facilities, not only for the proper operation of the residence, but also to avoid an unnecessary energy use which has a negative impact on the environment. At Wunderhouse we like to see our residence as a community where students can interact each other and they can use the common areas free. Gym, laundry or game room can be used for free 24 hours. At Wunderhouse you will not only find all kinds of services that not all student residences in Madrid offer, the vast majority of them are free. To know our residence thoroughly, as well as all the possibilities that we offer, visit our website and the services section.