Common areas at Wunderhouse

We have different common areas that fulfill both functions of leisure and study

At Wunderhouse we are a community, to get it we have common areas where our residents carry out all kinds of activities. Most of our residents are university students, so the main use that is given to this social areas are related to the study, however a study area can become a place where you can dialogue, exchange ideas or organize an event on a special day. We have several spaces dedicated to this purpose. We have also a study room, intended mainly for those people who need a place to concentrate and relax while performing the tasks related to learning.

As we say, in addition to study, at Wunderhouse we are aware that our community also needs other places to meet people, so we have a TV room and games room fully equipped so leisure moments can also be shared in the residence. Wunderhouse is the perfect blend of leisure and work. Due to the characteristics of the building in which we stay, we can have large multifunctional rooms where our students can spend their time without leaving the residence. Over the years, pupils have had the opportunity to enjoy the common areas of Wunderhouse, where they have met themselves, they have been able to establish relationships that last forever, or simply they have relaxed when they needed it. On the other hand, it is important to have quiet places, suitable for study and with the necessary equipment to study in a relaxed and effective way. Many of our students prefer to study in their own rooms, all of them are equipped with furniture for this purpose, but others prefer to do so in the Wunderhouse study room, a perfect place to review or prepare an exam and concentrate on their subjects.