Student accommodation with cleaning service

Special cleaning service, included in the price for the common areas

The residences cleaning service is essential for its operation, both in the private areas and in those common spaces that are shared by all the students. At Wunderhouse you have a common cleaning service included in the price, but you also have the possibility to complete it with a payment cleaning work for private spaces and other services.

Cleaning services for the room are aditional, they are performed weekly although the price is monthly, and it includes the following tasks:
• Weekly room cleaning, 60 €/month.
• Weekly change of sheets and towels, €29/month.

Both cleaning of the room and bed linen and towels can be requested when registering, or at any time during the course if necessary. Other cleaning services (common areas) are included in the price. At Wunderhouse we work for the students to enjoy clean and tidy facilities at all times. Obviously, we ask all residents to collaborate to make good use of the facilities and, as much as possible, facilitate the daily cleaning work. Residence cleaning services are indispensable, so we take this type of task very seriously due to the peculiarity of our student residence. We are aware that our environment, the building in which we work, is a historical monument that we must take care of. In order to achieve it, the cleaning must be exhaustive and daily, otherwise we would be damaging the status of a palace built in 1870 that has been converted into one of the most unique architectural curiosities in the center of Madrid.